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CBN with full name of Cubic Boron Nitride. Our CBN inserts include Solid CBN insert, Tipped PCBN insert for rough and finish turning and milling use, from continuous to heavy interrupted turning and cutting, many sizes of CBN inserts available.

Our CBN Inserts are mainly used for turning, cutting and milling High Nickel and Chrome Cast Iron work piece, automotive brake disc, brake drum, cast iron wheel hub, cast iron roll, roller and pump etc.

PCD (Poly-Crystalline Diamond) ALL PRODUCTS


The major application of CBN inserts is high-speed machining of hardened steel. CBN is an artificially synthesized material exceeded in hardness only by diamond, while still offering superior wear resistance to Carbide in certain applications, ARROW TOOLS Pvt. Ltd. offers over all grades of CBN, allowing us to find the perfect choice based on your application.


CBN reamers are successfully used in many automobile and engineering industries for the machining of aluminum and other non-ferrous metals. CBN reamers are manufacture in according to customer requirement with two or four flutes to suit the bore dimensions, tolerances and cutting geometries of the specific application.


VSR BITES (CBN) is especially developed to suit the machining of all Automobiles (including two wheeler, three wheeler, four wheeler etc.) .Cylinder block where Valve seat functioning is performed. Our Valve Seat Chamfering Bite is made of a very special grade of CBN which has outperformed our competitors on many customers.